There was this lady in the subway––the uptown A at 2am on a Friday night. She was already on the train when I got on at Penn Station. She was sitting in the side seat, with a pint of vodka in her hands. She was quiet, taking quick sips here and there, not causing any trouble.

She kept drinking all the way until 81st Street. A lady next to her made small talk to her about stress. "One of those nights? I've been there!" She was halfway through her bottle.

A few stops later I look at her again. She was fast asleep, with vodka spilt all over her pants, socks, and shoes. From her feet was a trail of vodka flowing halfway down the train.

The train makes it to 145th. She wakes up, looks at her feet, gets up, and walks off. As the doors close behind her, she takes another sip.