Matt Henderson

I’m an entrepreneur, product designer, and growth marketer best known for the viral hoax called Rumblr: Tinder for fighting. It was featured by 200+ media outlets in 4 days and has gone on to be cited by a few research papers and books studying society’s consumption of fighting and violence in digital media.

As an entrepreneur I’ve worked on 50+ experiments since starting my first company when I was 14.

In January 2018, I started a personal challenge of building 24 businesses in 12 months. So far my co-founders and I have launched 8 products––4 of them profitable on day 1. We're focused on building products that help others build, sell, and grow their own products. Here's a few: Investor Hunt, Howler AI, Press Hunt, and Aidem Network.I’ve also helped startups like, The Q, and Giraffe design, build, launch, and operate new products. Email me!


I grew up without parents in Montana, ran away from home when I was 16, graduated from an inner-city high school in Florida, then moved to NYC with nothing when I was 18.

I started selling Pokémon cards in kindergarten, then later graduated to more complex projects like manufacturing clothing and selling it through Twitter. Since late high school I've been more focused on digital products like Howler AI and Investor Hunt.


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"Genius" - VICE
"Precocious" - The Washington Post
"Brazen" - Ryan Holiday
"Vigilante" - Business Insider
"For the greater good" - Maxim
"Helping the world" - Conan O'Brien

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