1. Will Smith shares his secrets of success

I adopted this belief system really early on and looking back this perspective on life was core to how I got ahead early on. I used to watch this over and over, and to this day I still have every word memorized.

I used to watch this in secret because whenever I'd talk about beliefs like this, the people around me got hostile. Conforming is safe and comfortable I guess, and I'm glad I stumbled into this before I conformed.

2. Eric Thomas –– How bad do you want it

This used to be my alarm clock in high school. This video made me believe responsibility and self discipline was important and cool.

3. Jeff Dunham –– Controlled Chaos

I know, I know. This one's weird. For some reason when I was a kid I was obsessed with this, and every morning I'd watch it at least 3 times (not this specific video, but Jeff Dunham's full bit that used to be on YouTube for free).

This was the first time I got curious about how comedy actually works. Specifically I noticed how he used callbacks and thought it was fascinating (I didn't know they were called callbacks so I referred to them as "comedic references" 😂). So I started using them in real life and from there just got more and more interested in conversation and telling stories.

4. The Mind –– Mateusz M

This one popped up in a dark, confusing time in my life. It helped me understand that going through dark times was both normal and usual. Light is rare and shouldn't be an expectation. There's no reason to dwell on the darkness. All we can do is hang onto the light when it's there and––when it isn't––do our best to find it again.

5. Charlie Munger's Commencement Address at USC

This guy is basically my grandpa. In high school I used to listen to interviews of him and Warren Buffett when I was in the shower. Charlie taught me how to be rational and practical.