Consistent writing is difficult. I like to write, and when I do positive things happen: new people find me on the internet, my thoughts are better organized, and my projects get more traffic.

It’s hard to make a habit of writing without making it a chore. When that happens writing sucks and I hate it and I’d rather die than do it.

It’s especially bad when there’s an expectation for the writing: it needs to include X words for SEO, it needs to be shared on Y communities, it needs to have a CTA. Yada yada, fuck that.

“1 blog post a week” also doesn’t work for me. I’m not good at weekly habits. Too much happens in a week for the momentum to stick around.

So I’m trying a new challenge. I want to write 100 words a day. These hundred words aren’t a blog post, nor a tweet. They are just 100 words. They don’t even have to be sentences, I don’t care––just a minimum of 100 words.

I like daily habits and I like personal challenges. This challenge strips away the expectations of the writing, and makes it less a chore and more a personal commitment to something. Like my commitment to drinking 2 coconut waters a day. That’s fun, not a chore.

I hate the word “blog post.” It sounds like lame content marketing. And sticking to one topic––or even a few complementary topics––doesn’t sound fun. I’ll just be writing about whatever is easiest to write about the moment I start writing.

Also, like with this post, if I try to write 100 words I’ll probably just write more. But if I were to sit down and say “yo write 500 words asap or you suck” it’d probably take weeks.

Topics will likely include:

  • half-baked theories on how shit I don’t understand completely works
  • random personal anecdotes that may or may not have a useful underlying theme
  • practical entrepreneurship tips
  • hip hop, Sinatra, and opera
  • commentary on entrepreneurship
  • weightlifting, biking, fitness, nutrition
  • the indie software community
  • fun facts about gorillas
  • random things I’m learning about in acting, screenwriting, and music
  • productivity
  • emotional shit like family, friends, and romance

I don’t have a therapist, so maybe that’s what this is. I don’t think I’ll market this aggressively. If you want, you can subscribe to get the writing emailed to you every day or week? I don’t know, I’ll set that up later.

I’ll add a comment section to this, but don’t be dicks.