Since 2015 I've led 40+ product launches, bootstrapped 12 businesses, and helped thousands of companies like Universal Music, LendingTree, and Instacart run PR campaigns.

I got my start creating viral marketing stunts, like when I tricked the internet into thinking my friend and I were building a Tinder for fighting and got featured by over 200 media outlets in 4 days.

You can book some time with me to talk about whatever you want. Here's what I can help with:

  • Launching new products
  • Bootstrapping businesses online
  • Building products in less than 1 month and profiting on launch day
  • Getting yourself, your product, or your business featured in the news
  • Growth strategy for products that have already been launched
  • Building products & services without code
  • Automating products & services with third party tools like Zapier & Airtable
  • Finding market opportunities / figuring out what to build
  • Hiring people when you have no money
  • Raising money from angel investors
  • Monetizing products & general pricing strategy
  • Optimizing your personal finances when you have shitty credit

$150/30 minutes

    $300/1 hour